Our EasyFil™ HIPS set to be a true competitor for mass mainstream 3D printing materials, such as PLA and ABS. You will now be able to print PolyStyrene objects just as easy as PLA, or ABS objects!

Our EasyFil™ HIPS is a thermoplastic polymer filament known as High Impact PolyStyrene. EasyFil™ HIPS distinguishes itself from “normal” HIPS filaments by being slightly softer and more flexible – in combination with very limited warping, having an excellent thermal stability and 3D print flowing behavior – resulting in a truly “easy to print” HIPS 3D printer filament and a true asset to our EasyFil™ filament range. With EasyFil™ HIPS you will be able to 3D print PolyStyrene objects with fine detail in a beautiful matte finish. EasyFil™ HIPS 3D printed parts are very lightweight and can very easily be glued together with a variety of adhesives, such as HIPS styrene glues, epoxy based adhesives, superglues and contact adhesives. These specific characteristics of EasyFil™ HIPS, makes it an ideal filament for applications like model building, or modular prints. 

EasyFil™ HIPS has outstanding characteristics with respect to hygiene, strength and heat resistance and it prints smoothly. 3D printed objects with EasyFil™ HIPS can be sanded, primed and if needed painted with acrylic afterwards. By giving your EasyFil™ HIPS printed object an acetone vapor smoothing treatment you will be able to create a smooth and shiny surface. Your FFF/FDM 3D printed object will almost look like an injection molded model

PolyStyrene is a thermoplastic, which is resistant to acids and bases. Because of its resilience, PolyStyrene is one of the most widely used thermoplastic polymers in the world. PolyStyrene is widely used in the food packaging industry, but also for the production of disposable plastic cutlery/dinnerware and CD/DVD jewel cases.