Eurocel PET Tape

  • Eurocel PET Tape

Eurocel PET Tape



This Eurocel PET Tape is a silicone based polyester tape, which has an excellent adhesion to the (heated) platform of any desktop 3D printer. Because of its high thermal resistance, this Eurocel PET Tape creates an ideal surface for 3D prints where a heated printbed is required. After printing, your objects can easily be removed from this tape.

Our Eurocel PET Tape has a thickness of 0.093mm and it comes in a very convenient width of 50mm. This ensures that taping your print bed with this PET tape is only a matter of seconds. One roll of Eurocel PET Tape contains 66 meters of tape.


  • Good adhesion level to (heated) platform
  • High thermal resistance (Max. 190°C)
  • 3D prints stick very well to the surface/texture of this tape
  • Prints can easily be removed from the surface of this tape
  • Easy removal without adhesive residue
  • Removable without breaking
  • Easy unwinding